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The Future of Television Made from Smart Devices: Real-time Chroma key and the Industrial Revolution

July 10, 2023 – Santa Monica, CA (APD/TDN News) – Location shooting at home or office on supercomputing smart devices, a.k.a. real-time Chroma key background replacement empowers content creators to have a multitude of additional creative ways to make broadcast quality videos at home or the office. Dropkey® has developed a content creation ecosystem that includes Pop-up Studio™ technology, an AI-enabled camera app, and location-based video clip loops available at

The DropKey technology platform can be compared to the invention of the train during the Industrial Revolution. Trains transported Rockefeller’s Standard Oil across the land to grow the country, creating jobs, industries and new cities with one innovation: The steam engine. 

We are in a disruptive technology revolution. Investing in emerging technology has risk because it’s an unknown. However, Warren Buffett has always invested in trains because he understands consumers will always need toothpaste and razor blades—shipped on the trains to distribute them—just like the TV and Film Industry uses green screen and Chroma Key background replacement with proper lighting to make broadcast quality video content for less money using “on-location shooting”.

Therefore, investors who prefer to invest in infrastructure should look closely at DropKey’s content creator platform and marketplace solution as in theory it is about to become the staple of video production for the masses—the new steam engine. The train is the DropKey creator platform, and the tracks are YouTube—because its mobile—its free distribution—and it generates lots and lots of revenue. 

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