I met with the DropKey founder last week and he showed me the app and other things he is working on. He was really concerned with delivering a high-quality product that works well.

I have 100% confidence that when studios are shipped the quality is "broadcast quality" and backers and presale customers will be incredibly happy. I feel that fellow kickstarter backers and I will all receive quality studios in due time.

I am one of the very first backers and I have been waiting as well. I feel the wait is worth it, especially since we have been getting monthly updates and I have seen lots of improvements. I would rather wait a little longer and have a quality product with little or no issues, than a product that is quickly shipped and then trying to get it to work they way it should and then either give up or be frustrated when the new version comes out that it works much better and if I want the newer one, I have to pay a higher price.

I feel what they are doing is trying to give us a quality product that we like and when we do get ours it will be worth way more than what we paid for it, and others will want the product and be buying at the released price. I feel lucky to get in when I did and excited to see all the improvements.
Joseph Bradley
Joseph Bradley (May 17, 2023)
We are lucky enough to live in Las Vegas, so we get to attend many official unveilings. This time, we were invited to see the unveiling of the long-awaited DropKey. At the NAB demo event they had the model I invested in through Kickstarter, the inflatable Pop-up Infinity Base Studio model, formerly called the Classic. All I can say is that my wife came back impressed and could not stop gushing about what we can do with the Pop-up Studio.

I'm a YouTuber, and what impressed her the most was the software. It allows you to film from multiple angles and have the green screen image show the perspective of that shot. This is game-changing if you shoot a lot of videos. Another thing is the built-in lighting system, which perfectly lights the screen for flawless chroma keying. Those of you who have already shot green screen videos know this is one of the most difficult parts if you want a flawless video. The DropKey Infinity Base studio can be used indoors, helping those who have a small space or want to use this as a step-and-repeat. I can't wait to use it for the classes I teach on video production. I think people are going to be floored when I roll into class with this product.
Eric Hudson
Las Vegas, NV (April 18th, 2023)
This thing is awesome. I've been playing with it for a week now and it's amazing what you can do with it. The owners of the company let me use it for a week as an influencer and I'm stunned at the quality and stability of the airframe. I filled this up once and it feels like it will stay up and be stable for months! The app isn't on iTunes yet so I was provisioned with it by the developer and I heard the guy who invented this got an Edison Award for Innovation...he deserves it. I can get perfect HD chroma key on my iPhone X with the backgrounds I made for myself. I hope they come out with the library, which i heard was in development from all stock footage companies. This product is amazing and I hope to buy one for my business and one for my kids!
Anthony Sedakis
Menlo Park, CA
I had the chance to play with this inflatable studio in Silicon Valley when the founder visited our law office. This is a very, bouncy-house type of trapezoid that gives you perfect background replacement on-demand. I don't know about Magic Leap, I don't like to wear glasses. But I know Hollywood's been doing this for 75 years the same way and I know for a fact the technology is solid. I bought the Professional on Pre-Sale for me and my kids to integrate with our love of gaming.
Portland, Ore
Excellent product. Where can I buy the Pro version? This is fantastic! I’d love to see my clients put this into their advertising workflow. Looking to use this at trade shows for customer interviews.
St. Louis, MO
This studio, when blown up, is really sturdy, like one of those bouncy houses. I had mine blown up in my living room for a week and it stayed up!
Dennis B
New York, NY
I’d love to see my clients put this into their advertising workflow. I can't wait for the MediaBook.tv library for locations. I heard they were going to connect stock footage companies like Getty. This product is amazing so I bought one and can’t wait to get it for my business.
Francis Waller
As a friend of an employee I made a video using the DropKey app.  I decided to allow my kid to try and be a Youtube influencer because he doesn’t need anything else but his own Hollywood Studio without painting the walls. Congrats, DK. Awesome innovation. Can’t wait to use the Beat Saber feature to broadcast to Youtube or OBS.
Alan Horn
Great product – I can be an “on the spot superstar” and/or “interviewer” and "interviewee" simultaneously! It seems incredible to be able to blow this thing up in 60 seconds and within 10 minutes be able to shoot HD content on an iPad, and teach my kids videography techniques in the real world. Good for you, DropKey. I interview people on my podcast for a living and I can stream an interview and be anywhere, especially when the DropKey "Connections" feature comes out! I can’t wait to get mine. No worries on the delays due to Covid - thanks for all the updates on Wefunder and Kickstarter!
Landris Holloman
I work in video production at Dell Technologies, curious to see how we can leverage this. Where can I buy the larger Pro version? It comes with two wireless lapel mics, too. This is fantastic! This studio deploys fast and is really sturdy, like one of those bouncy houses.
I run a Communications Curriculum at a small Portland-area school and had the chance to see this studio in action. It seems incredible to be able to blow this thing up in 60 seconds and within 15 minutes be able to shoot HD content on an iPad, to teach my kids videography techniques in the real world. Good for you, DropKey. I can’t wait to get mine this summer.
Jonathan Brand