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I met with the DropKey founder last week and he showed me the app and other things he is working on. He was really concerned with delivering a high-quality product that works well.

I have 100% confidence that when studios are shipped the quality is “broadcast quality” and backers and presale customers will be incredibly happy. I feel that fellow Kickstarter backers and I will all receive quality studios in due time.

I am one of the very first backers and I have been waiting as well. I feel the wait is worth it, especially since we have been getting monthly updates and I have seen lots of improvements. I would rather wait a little longer and have a quality product with little or no issues, than a product that is quickly shipped and then trying to get it to work the way it should and then either give up or be frustrated when the new version comes out that it works much better and if I want the newer one, I have to pay a higher price.

I feel what they are doing is trying to give us a quality product that we like and when we do get ours it will be worth way more than what we paid for it, and others will want the product and be buying at the released price. I feel lucky to get in when I did and excited to see all the improvements.

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