Rockwell Scharer III
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Rockwell Scharer is the founder of DropKey, a pioneer in broadcast quality content creation with real-time background replacement on smart devices. The DropKey productivity platform enables all social media users to do location shooting at home. He received an Edison Award for Best Digital Product Innovation for DropKey, a productivity platform for content creators that includes a Pop-up Studio line of products and ecosystem at
As an entrepreneur and former consultant at NBC/Universal, Walt Disney Studios, Viacom, Paramount Pictures and Live Nation, he effectively Consumerized the Mobile Content Capture (MCC) market with patents that solve the difficult problem in the physics of light to enable everyone to create professional quality videos with location shooting at home or on the road on phones. As founder of DropKey, the innovative three-dimensional lighting structure he patented has ignited the $100B creator economy according to Forbes. is a platform exchange where buyers and sellers can obtain or contribute 2d and 3d green screen backgrounds for television, gaming and social media. A pioneer in new media, Scharer is a top-forty recording artist he’s a graduate of the University of Oregon’s Charles Lundquist School of Business with a B.S. in Finance, with post-graduate work at UCLA in creative writing. Scharer’s strong creative endeavors in product development and sharp business skills led to his early examination of the Mobile Content Capture market on the mobile platform and is a recognized leader in the field of portable Chroma key background replacement on smart devices.
Richard Mall
Chief Engineering Officer
Richard won the Academy Award for Science and Technology in 2013. He’s a film maker and innovator with over 30 years experience in film production and product design. His innovative designs are used daily throughout the film industry. He was honored with the prestigious Scientific and Technical Achievement Oscar by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences for his invention of the Matthews Max Menace Arm. He was also a key member of the Oscar-winning team for Best Cinematography for the ground breaking film Avatar and Iron Man III. Richard brings with him extensive knowledge of green screen deployment and lighting. He currently has seven products in the market place that are sold worldwide through Matthews Studio Equipment. Richard has a degree from CSULB in Industrial Arts with a focus on Manufacturing and fabricating. He’s currently working on the DreamScreen Pro, Deskbot and Cambot projects for DropKey®.
Sergio Verdu
Chief Content Officer
Sergio Verdu is a seasoned media executive with over two decades of experience in production, operations, and digital media. He has held leadership roles in major media companies such as Fox Sports, ESPN, and Univision Network, where he has demonstrated an impressive track record of success in managing large teams, implementing innovative strategies, and driving revenue growth. Throughout his career, Sergio has been involved in several high-profile projects, including the launch of ESPN Sync and the complete construction and infrastructure of the new Fox Deportes studios. With a keen eye for data-driven analytics and a passion for sports and media, Sergio is a respected and accomplished leader in the industry.
Dennis Taibl
Advisory Board
Dennis Taibl is 5x exited entrepreneur and venture capital partner. He's an advisor at Newchip, the #1 accelerator for startups and has helped guide 5 different companies to successful exits. Dennis has managed national and international teams of over 200 people. He has over 40 years of successful experience as an entrepreneur, COO, and senior sales, product, marketing and business development executive. He’s coached and mentored over 40 high performers who went on to become successful entrepreneurs and senior sales and marketing executives for notable companies. Dennis has been a consultant/advisor since 2014 guiding the successful launch of startup companies in consumer products, software, healthcare and technology segments, including a Shark Tank invested company. He specializes in developing sales and marketing plans and guiding startup teams through a process-driven approach to gaining market traction. Dennis has a Master’s degree from New York University and a Bachelor’s from Purdue University where he played football and baseball. He has been inducted into the New Jersey sports Hall of Fame having achieved honors as an all-state baseball, football and basketball player.
Tim Moran
Chief Technology Officer
Tim Moran is an Emmy-award winning entertainment industry veteran, keynote speaker, film producer, jazz musician, writer, and artist. He kicked off his career in the music biz in the 1980s, first as a teacher and studio musician, then as a technology leader at Universal Music, then 23 years as Senior VP of Technology at Live Nation Entertainment. Prior to Universal Music and Live Nation, Tim headed an LA-based tech startup focused on the entertainment industry; clients included Sony/Columbia/TriStar, MCA/Universal, Warner Brothers Records, Nederlander Concerts, and the Grammy Awards.
George Dreyer
Chief Audio Engineer
George Dreyer has 27 years designing products in the Pro Audio and Musical Instrument industry, responsible for numerous products from inception through manufacturing and into the hands of customers. After graduating from SDSU with an Electrical Engineering degree George jumped right into state-of-the-art audio design working at Alesis in the transition from analog tape to digital ADAT and hard disk recorders. George moved into a Senior Engineering position at Carvin for 22 years where he refined his engineering and leadership skills to develop and manufacture products that achieved high customer satisfaction. As a Vue Audiotechnik engineer in the high-end pro sound products field touring the world, we were lucky to find George and recruit him to advise and design the DreamScreen line of products audio signal circuits.
Davide IValde
Director of Manufacturing
Davide is an Engineer and Supply Chain specialist whose career spans 30 years in Manufacturing, Business Integrations, and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). After attending the USAF Academy and graduating from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in 1991 with an Electrical Engineering degree, Davide filled multiple, industrial automation roles both as a Process and Applications Engineer. He has over 20 years of progressive roles in the Supply Chain arena covering Commodity Management, Systems Integration, Strategic Outsourcing, M&A due diligence through Startup/Commissioning, and numerous project executions primarily in Consumer Audio, Medical Equipment, and Industrial Instrumentation. As a former Configuration Manager, he has years of experience implementing PLM, Change Management, and Quality Systems. He brings an experienced, keen eye for both technical infrastructure and supplier relationships with an emphasis on maintaining Value & Quality throughout the supply chain.
Kyle Conley, MBA
Director of Operations
Kyle is an Operations and Supply Chain specialist, entrepreneur & investor with over 12 years of experience in manufacturing, business integration, Project Management and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). After attending Bethel University and graduating with an MBA, Kyle has successfully grown his career in M & A Management, Strategic Sourcing, Project Management, Contract Management & Negotiations. He brings energy and drive into all facets of the DropKey business model and excels in developing cross-functional efficiencies, while developing and maintaining critical business relationships with suppliers and colleagues.
Dr. Steven Colby
Chief Patent Lawyer / Advisory Board
Dr. Colby has been granted 40+ patents, published numerous white papers and responsible for DropKey’s significant Utility Patent strategy.