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The Future of Television and Short Form Video: Chroma key and the Industrial Revolution

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January 7, 2020 – Santa Monica, CA (APD/TDN News) – Artificial Intelligence used on supercomputing television camera phones to create perfect HD Chroma key is like the invention of the train during the Industrial Revolution. Trains transported Rockefeller’s Standard Oil across the land to grow the country, creating jobs, industries and new cities with one innovation: The steam engine. We are in a disruptive technology revolution. Investing in emerging technology is unusually risky because it is an unknown. However, Warren Buffett has always invested in trains because he understands consumers will always need toothpaste and razor blades—and the trains to distribute them—just like the TV and Film Industry uses Chroma Key background replacement and professional lights to make better video content for less money. Therefore, professional lights, sound and Chroma Key on supercomputing television camera phones and tablets will be staples of video production—our steam engine.  The train is the Dropkey® Studio In a Bag® with mobile lights, sound and Chroma key paired with smart devices, and the tracks are YouTube—because its mobile—its free distribution—and it generates lots and lots of revenue. – Rockwell Scharer III, Founder, DropKey, Inc.

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  1. Meredith Harris - September 6, 2019

    Well said! Best of luck on this project. Five stars!

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