DropKey® Studio in a Bag® - Coming Soon

DropKey® Studio in a Bag® – Coming Soon

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  • Inflatable DropKey® Studio in a Bag® with wheels
  • Wireless Lighting from the Camera Display screen – Controller Box with Pro Audio
  • All LED Lighting for push-button perfect Chroma key
  • Choose Blue or Green zip-in, zip-out interchangeable skin
  • DropKey® App on iTunes (iOS)
  • AC Compressor included, 60-second inflate time, EZ 10-minute setup, color-coded connections
  • Wireless VR sensors can be hung from the forward ceiling of the airframe for smooth locomotion
  • Instant access to professionally shot and formatted video loops so you can use cool backgrounds to post fun shots on social media
  • 9′ Wide
  • 7′-4″ High – can fit in any standard room with 8′ ceilings
  • 5′ Deep

3 reviews for DropKey® Studio in a Bag® – Coming Soon

  1. Dennis B.

    This thing is awesome. I’ve been playing with it for a week now and it’s amazing what you can do with it. The owners of the company let me use it for a week as an influencer and I’m stunned at the quality and stability of the airframe. I can fill this up once and it will stay up and stable for months! The app isn’t on iTunes yet so I was provisioned with it by the developer and I heard the guy who invented this was nominated for the Edison Award for Innovation…he deserves it. I can get perfect HD Chroma key on my iphoneX with the backgrounds I made for myself. I hope they come out with a library, which I heard was in development from all stock footage companies.

    This product is amazing and I hope to buy one for my business and one for my kids!


  2. Jonathan Brand

    I run a Communications Curriculum at a small Portland-area school and had the chance to see this studio in action. It seems incredible to be able to blow this thing up in 60 seconds and within 15 minutes be able to shoot HD content on an iPad, to teach my kids videography techniques in the real world. Good for you, DropKey. I can’t wait to get mine this summer.

  3. RK

    I had the chance to play with this inflatable studio in Silicon Valley when the founder visited our law office. This is a very stable, bouncy-house type of trapezoid that gives you perfect background replacement on-demand. I don’t know about Magic Leap, I don’t like to wear glasses. But I know Hollywood’s been doing this for 75 years and I know for a fact the technology is solid. I’m going to buy one of these on Pre-Sale for me and my kids to integrate with our love of gaming.

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