DropKey® Pop-up DeskBot with CamBot “Light Stick” Single-User Bundle


The CamBot folds in half and fits in the rear hatch in the back of the DeskBot shell. Simply push a button on the top of the DeskBot and a series of LED lights fly up and down the cool shell design and the 4’x4′ screen deploys with separate lighting for the screen and dual key lights from the CamBot.



The DropKey® DeskBot™ is our single-user solution for those with limited space. The DropKey App pairs automatically with the DeskBot, giving you the Mediabook.tv ecosystem to choose from millions of searchable locations used as green-screen background video clips. Our broadcast-quality DropKey camera app paired with our line of personal media products creates a turnkey solution for the Youtube creator community, built by creators for creators.

Visit our MediaBook.tv store for your b-roll backgrounds that will sync to your camera roll in seconds.