Introducing the DropKey® Dragon™ with Raptor™ Bundle – Coming Soon

The Dragon™ with Raptor™ bundle fits in any small apartment and includes the Raptor which is foldable and fits in the back hatch of the Dragon. The Dragon is robotic (not inflatable) and uses the DropKey App and the MediaBook ecosystem with access to millions of green-screen backgrounds.

The Dragon and Raptor bundle is a high-quality personal media studio on wheels that is sturdy enough to travel on airlines. Simply push a button on the top of the Dragon and a series of LED lights fly up and down the cool outer cover and the 4′ x 5′ screen automatically deploys with separate lighting for the monochromatic screen and dual key lights for the subject from the Raptor. The Dragon looks more like a cool piece of furniture than a personal media studio!

The Raptor replaces your tripod, folds in half and fits in the rear hatch of the Dragon. Compared to ring lights our Raptor has many more features. It has a universal smart device holder with dual lighting with no adapters needed. 


The DropKey Dragon™ personal media studio bundle with the Raptor™ “light stick” is a compact and turnkey solution for DropKey users with limited spaces. The AI-enabled DropKey app pairs with the Dragon automatically. Open and have access to millions of location-based looped background videos that sync instantly to your device so you can ‘be anywhere’!

Visit for your b-roll backgrounds that will sync to your camera roll in seconds!