Q. How do I purchase a DropKey Pop-up Studio in a Bag Professional version?

      A:  Go to Dropkey.com/shop and choose from your choice of the DropKey Pop-up Studio in a Bag Professional or Basic. 

Q. How do I become a member of the DropKey Creator Network?

     A. Simply go to DropKey.com and sign up to be on our mailing list.  Once you are on our list you are a DropKey Creator with benefits that include any current promotions.

Q. How does the Dropkey Camera app work with the MediaBook store for video clips used as backgrounds?

       A. Sign up for a MediaBook Account at Mediabook.tv and make sure you use the same email account for your DropKey account.  Also make sure you use your iCloud account on iOS and Google Play email account if you use Android.  Android will be available Q2-2021.

Using the DropKey app, Users can shoot live chroma key with great lighting.  Those users need location shots so we built an aggregate of stock footage companies with millions of curated green-screen video clips for use as backgrounds in the DropKey camera app.  Each User can open the MediaBook App or MediaBook online store at Mediabook.tv, purchase several video clips of the locations she wants to use and purchased video clips will sync to your camera roll across devices within seconds.

Q. Once I pledge my purchase of the DropKey Pop-up Studio in a Bag, when will I get delivery?

    A. We are running a private Kickstarter campaign for StudioNow and DropKey Creator Network. Sign up at DropKey.com and become a member.  Once you are a member and pledge for your units, we estimate shipping will start in March or April of 2021. We have lots of work to do but have the best team in the business, so the ecosystem will be live as soon as possible, hopefully before April of 2021.  

Q. Can I get a refund if I pledge for my Pop-up Studio Pro?

    A. You can obtain a refund if you request one in writing up to 5 days after you make your pledge.  However, we want to impress upon you that we need your help to launch our amazing, innovative ecosystem that will benefit everyone once we launch, and the more help we get the sooner we can start shipping. 

Q.  Where are your units made?

    A. We have two factories in China with a fulfillment center in the US.

Q. Where are the items shipped from?

    A. They will be shipped from Nashville Tennessee or Los Angeles, CA.

Q. How do I talk to someone on your sales Team about purchasing multiple units?

   A. Simply choose a time to speak with our Sales Team here You will receive a calendar invite and 30 mins with our Senior Sales Team.