Q. How do I purchase a DropKey Pop-up Studio in a Bag Professional version?

      A:  After May 20, 2021 please go to Dropkey.com/shop and choose from your choice of the DropKey® Pop-up™ Studio in a Bag® Professional or Classic version.  Before then our Kickstarter is live and you can create an account there and pledge for all our products with Add-ons like Heavy Duty Travel Bags, skins, MediaBook subscriptions and Pro Audio Upgrades.

Q. How do I become a member of the DropKey Creator Network?

     A. Go to DropKey.com and sign up to be on our mailing list when the pop-up displays. Once you are accepted in our network you are a DropKey Creator with benefits that include promotions, discounts and early-bird specials.

Q. How does the Dropkey Camera app work with the MediaBook store for video clips used as backgrounds?

       A. Sign up for a MediaBook account at Mediabook.tv and make sure you use the same email account for your DropKey account.  Also make sure you use your iCloud account on iOS and Google Play email account if you use Android.  Android is estimated to be available Q1-2021.

Using the DropKey app, users can shoot live chroma key with great lighting in the Pop-up Studios.  Those users need location shots so we built an aggregate of stock footage companies with millions of curated green-screen video clips for use as backgrounds in the DropKey camera app.  Each user can open the MediaBook App or MediaBook online store at Mediabook.tv, purchase video clips of the locations they want to use, and they  will sync to your camera roll across devices within seconds.

Q. Once I pledge my purchase of the DropKey Pop-up Studio in a Bag, when will I get delivery?

    A. Due to COVID-19, supply chain delays and chipset shortages our shipping date has not yet been set. All backers and customers will receive an email several weeks before we start shipping to collect your shipping information. At this time we are trying our best to start shipping in Q4-2021 (Nov-Dec). There’s no need to email us to find out our shipping date. We will let you know as soon as we have one.

Q.  Where are your units made?

    A. We have three factories overseas with a fulfillment center in the US.

Q. Where are the items shipped from?

    A. As of now units will be shipped from California.

Q. How do I talk to someone on your sales team about purchasing multiple units?

   A. Simply choose a time to speak with our sales team here. You will receive a calendar invite and 30 mins with a senior member of our sales team.

Q. How exactly are the different extra backdrop colors changed, do they use magnets or velcro?

    A. Different colored skins are available on our store and are zippered in and out. Pop-up Studios come in green but you can order different colors in the DropKey shop.  Changing skins requires at least two people and is not quick and easy, but it’s an option that is quite valuable for photographers. Instructions will be given to you as an explainer video on our website.

Q. What happens if the airframe has/gets a puncture? Is there a preferred way of collapsing and folding it so that it doesn’t get damaged during storage?

    A. Each unit comes with a simple patch kit. There is only one way to inflate the studios and it’s super easy. Check out the Tutorial video on our Youtube Channel here.

Q. How exactly can I use your app on my iPhone to give me a virtual background in zoom, or am I just using the zoom app to replace the background based on using your green screen?

    A. We will be integrating with Zoom and using the DropKey app will be super simple and intuitive.

Q. I trust you have different power adapters so that the lights, inflator and control box work in different countries with different power standards and plug sockets?

    A. We will handle the different countries power issues when we go into production – it will be addressed. It’s likely you may need to get an adapter.

Q. Are the lights controlled by the app or the controller box?

    A. The lights are controlled by the DropKey camera app (and the user) using a proprietary communication system with a controller box that sits on the floor next to the Pop-up Studio.

Q. Where can we get replacement bulbs for the lights when they die?

    A. The panel lights are LED and don’t burn out.  They should last for the life of the studio. If they fail for any reason within the manufacturer’s warranty period, we will replace them. You can find replacement LED Panel lights in the DropKey Shop once we start shipping.