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Dropkey® Has Developed Mobile Applications For Use With The First Portable, Flight-ready Hd Tv Studio In A Bag

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August 3, 2018 (APD/TDN News) – DropKey®, Inc. has developed mobile applications for use with the first portable, flight-ready HD TV Studio In A Bag, creating full HD background replacement on Tablets and Smartphones. According to Rockwell Scharer, CEO of DropKey, “We saw a very big niche in TV 3.0 where Big TV Producers can significantly increase their revenue streams and revolutionize content creation on the mobile platform. Users will be able to make Lord of The Rings at home, Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams will find proteges and farm talent across the globe, and TV News will change forever as we know it. Our developers discover new applications every day for this new advanced portal, resulting in significant, scaleable billion-dollar industries. Due to advances in the robust processing power of tablets and smartphones, along with the confluence of Cloud technology and Cloudmining for Advertisers, DropKey has set the bar for making sophisticated HD content at home or on the road creating a million self-employed jobs around the world overnight, half of them in North America. DropKey has created a hearty, collapsible Professional Sound and Lighting portal optimized for Tablets and Smartphones with HD background replacement, and will be marketed to Consumers and Professionals for between $120 and $899 at Best Buy, Target, The DropKey revenue model is considered a reality show Producer’s Dream.  Heads up American Idol, The Voice, and America’t Got Talent.

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