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Academy Award-winning Team Alters The Future Of Television Content Creation On Smart Devices

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June 12, 2018 – (APD, TDN News) Santa Monica, CA – DropKey®, Inc. a silicon beach startup has successfully Consumerized HD broadcast-quality Chroma key background replacement on smart devices with professional LED lights and sound. The combination sofware and hardware creates a personal media studio that will likely create a sea change in the way HD broadcast quality content is shot on your iPhone. Now users can shoot well-lit HD content with crisp HD green-screen background replacement that you can share with your friends on Instagram, Facebook,Twitter, or producers of the Voice. Live-streaming is in the works and will be Facebook Live, Facebook Watch and Periscope-ready.

“The Mobile Content Capture market (MCC) was born in the summer of 2016,” said Chief Executive Officer Scharer.  The DropKey TV Studio In A Bag® was invented by Scharer and named Academy Award-winner Richard Mall (Avatar, Iron Man) as DropKey’s Chief Engineer.  The DropKey App pairs  line of products, a proprietary technology that creates perfect push-button perfect Chroma key on smart devices with professional lights, sound and background replacement. The DropKey App works the same as Dropbox but it’s large file storage for your camera roll, a user-friendly Chroma key background replacement app with camera roll sync plus automated video assembly in the cloud. DropKey is state of the art green screen background replacement on smartphones…which is extremely difficult to do. Other background replacement apps can’t guarantee perfect Chroma key because they don’t “pair” with the DropKey Studio In A Bag to control all the lighting imperfections…and subsequently won’t work. The value of this technology is that users don’t need to know anything about production to get network-quality content.

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