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Location shooting at home with the DropKey® ecosystem is here.

We have all you need to create broadcast quality video with real-time background replacement..

…no experience or post-production required.

Building Better Brands

Broadcast quality location shooting at home is here. Content creators, pundits, social media influencers and businesses can now shoot or live-stream real-time background replacement with the AI-enabled DropKey® ecosystem. Now everyone with a smart device can make well-lit videos in less time at a fraction of the cost — so you can earn more money.

The DropKey Ads Creator – Coming Soon!

Create professional ads for social media or TV with no experience! Maximize your brand visibility and audience reach, using our productivity platform, to produce broadcast-quality videos utilizing our virtual assistant who will walk you through the process while saving you time and money.® is our store for locations you can use to do location shooting at home.  Grab attention and get more clicks, views and customers! When it comes to live location background and B-roll footage, content creators will rejoice having a one-stop-shop for all their digital assets. Accessible with the DropKey Camera App, get ready to create MORE for LESS.

DropKey Pop-Up Studio

Better lighting, better videos, better customer engagement! Let your brand shine and watch your audience grow when you use the Edison Award winning Pop-Up Studio. Complete with the DropKey Camera App to get lighting, audio, and post production editing like a professional. Finally, a green screen studio that has it all.

CamBot/Deskbot Bundle – Coming Soon!

Time is money. That's why we made it convenient for you to create content when you're on the go with our portable, compact studios. Drop in a live video background from MediaBook.TV and your shooting videos from anywhere. The possibilities are endless. Lights, camera, action!


The DropKey Pop-up Studios will start shipping in Early 2023 and will be marketed as the “Be Anywhere” streaming app that is sweeping 2.6 billion TikTok, Facebook Live, Youtube and Instagram users who want their own Hollywood Movie Studio to “level up” their video quality with great lighting and location shooting at home or on the road, starting at just $1795!

(Mobile Apps will become available once we start shipping Pop-up Studios on pre-sale now here)

Introducing the DropKey Controller Box…

…and it includes the 10 channel mixer!



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