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Introducing the World’s #1 Best-Selling Pop-up Studioby DropKey®

The Inflatable Studio in a Bag® Classic On Sale Now!  $599 (reg. $829)

The larger Pop-up Studio Professional version $1,999

Introducing the revolutionary new single-user DropKey® DeskBot $449 (40% off reg. $749) Coming Soon
We use Artificial intelligence to solve the physics problem in light to give you perfect live HD background replacement

Shoot Live HD Broadcast-Quality Chroma key Videos on iOS and Android
With No Post-Production.

Introducing the Pop-Up

Introducing the revolutionary new...
DropKey Controller Box

Introducing our new 10-channel in-app audio mixer!


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Pair the DropKey Camera App with the inflatable child-safe DropKey Studio in a Bag and shoot perfect, live, HD chroma key background replacement on your smart device…just take it with you…and Be Anywhere®!

Soon you can purchase your Pop-up Studio in a Bag Classic or Professional version at our Kickstarter event coming soon and get a year of free, curated searchable b-roll video clips in our library at®!


DropKey, Inc. has Consumerized Chroma key on smart devices with the new DropKey app and inflatable Studio In a Bag, developed by DropKey founder and engineer Rockwell Scharer with Richard Mall, Academy Award-winning Key Grip for the blockbuster films Avatar and Iron Man II-III.

Access your own high-quality, curated background video and photo library on the® Cloud to replace your monochromatic background…and be anywhere!

Kids and Pros can produce inexpensive high-quality HD background replacement videos at home or on the road with their iPhones and iPads. Anyone can be a Daily Show correspondent or SNL character in HD with a DropKey Pop-up Studio In A Bag and an iPhone.

The DropKey® Pop-up Studio Product Launch Video

The DropKey Pop-up Studio in a Bag Blows Up in 1 Minute…and You’re Shooting in 10!

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DropKey® has Consumerized Chroma key on smart devices with the new DropKey Social Camera App and the child-safe inflatable Studio In A Bag®, developed by DropKey founder and engineer Rockwell Scharer with Richard Mall, the Academy Award-winning Key Grip for the blockbuster films Avatar and Iron Man II-III.

Santa Monica, CA – Mar 5, 2020 – DropKey® Studio in a Bag® was the #1 trend in the world on Trendhunter with 20M organic visitors a month.


Dropkey Partners With StudioNow to Launch the Pop-up Studio in a Bag in Public Beta

Mar 5, 2021, (Santa Monica, CA) TDN, PRWeb – DropKey, inc and has launched its innovative, inflatable DropKey Pop-up Studio in a Bag, the inflatable phenomenon that is set to overtake the Youtube Creator world by establishing a foothold in the turnkey personal media studio marketplace as the go-to broadcast quality camera app, making millions of video clips available for b-roll backgrounds that enables content creators to shoot videos with bright lights and to “be anywhere” they want. The multiple line of products being launched to the public soon are the inflatable Pop-up Studio in a Bag (Classic and Professional version), the camera app, a robotic single-user DeskBot and the inexpensive CamBot, a tripod replacement that hasn’t been innovated in 150 years. The CamBot has dual key lights and a universal smart device holder, and is included with the first robotic personal media studio system with pro audio to hit the market.

DropKey® Founder Receives Edison Award for Best Digital Product Innovation

Santa Monica, CA – Apr. 7, 2019 – Inventor and DropKey® Founder Rockwell Scharer has received an Edison Award for Best Digital Product Innovation at the 2019 Edison Awards in New York City at the New York Academy of Arts and Sciences. The Award, named after Thomas Alva Edison, recognizes and honors the world’s best of the best innovators and innovations.

Mr. Scharer was nominated for the prize in late 2018 for his work in developing MediaBook® and DropKey® Studio in a Bag® technology, creating the Mobile Content Capture (MCC) market.  The pop-up airframe prototype required years to develop with an Academy and Emmy Award-winning team.

Elon Musk and Astro Teller were former winners of the Edison Award (2014, 2017)

DropKey is a Consumer-friendly Chroma key background replacement app with video file storage and subscriptions that perform automated post-production video assembly in the cloud, the state of the art live green-screen tech on smartphones.

Founder and CEO Rockwell Scharer solved a difficult physics problem to invent a pop-up, inflatable studio with bright lights and portability to make push-button perfect live background replacement on smart devices with no rotoscoping or post-production. 85% of what you see on television is made using green-screen technology. 100% of professional content creators use Chroma key background replacement in their productions, and when you put that ability, for the first time, on 2 billion smart devices, you have a revolution. Now amateurs and pros can pair the Pop-up Studios with the DropKey app and can have the Daily Show set in their second bedroom from $599 for the Classic version (reg. $829)  or the Professional version available for $1,999.  The Pop-up DeskBot at $449 (40% off reg. $749) will be available for pre-sale at later this summer.

The DropKey app, when paired with the new DropKey Pop-up Studios produce crisp, HD live background replacement on smartphones without rotoscoping or post-production required. Our founder invented the pop-up Studio-In-A-Bag with brilliant lights, wireless earbud mics, and is collapsible and flight-ready with no free-standing lights, no post-production and no lighting decisions to make.

According to Rockwell Scharer, CEO of DropKey, Inc., “We saw a very big niche in content creation where content producers can significantly increase their revenue streams on the mobile platform. Users will be able to make Lord of The Rings at home using professionally shot backgrounds and purchased on, Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams will find proteges and farm talent across the globe, and Online News broadcasting will change forever as we know it.

New Products

In Development

New Products

In Development


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The DropKey Pop-up Studios will be marketed as the “Be Anywhere”, a streaming app to a TAM of 2.5 billion users of TikTok, the FB Live app and Youtube who want their own Hollywood Studio to ‘level up’ their video content from $599 at DROPKEY.COM and TVSTUDIOINABAG.COM
(mobile apps available once we start shipping Pop-up Studios on pre-sale now)

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